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Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

Unlike LOTR, the hobbit the book was a relatively fast paced and a more interesting story. When I first heard the talks of the movie, I was so interested to see such an entertaining story set in the middle earth. As soon as the news of the hobbit trilogy emerged, I knew the movie would be paced the same way as LOTR. So no complaints on the length and the pace of the movie.

The Desolation of Smaug

But if you are a Tolkien purist you may be disappointed on all the fillers, Peter Jackson put in to make the trilogy possible. But got to give credit to Peter Jackson on the super entertaining river side battle with the Orcs by Legolas and the dwarves’ battle with the Smaug. He could have avoided the unnecessary love triangle involving Legolas, though.

Like the first installment, I am sure there will be complaints on overuse of the CGI. But I think it is really difficult to make such a detailed Tolkien‘s earth without the CGI.

I was one of those who doubted the film maker’s choice of making three films out of ‘The Hobbit’, the masterpiece I enjoyed a lot. But the respect I had on Peter Jackson for making the LOTR trilogy made me interested in the movie. He has done a decent job so far.

The movie is definitely good and I can suggest to anyone. But as a Hobbit, the book, fan I am a bit disappointed. As far as the books are concerned, I enjoyed the Hobbit more than the LOTR, but the same cannot be said for the movie trilogies though.