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Nelson Mandela – The lone inspiration

It is bad to start blogging with a sad news of Nelson Mandela died. He was one of the very few living leaders whom I consider as an inspiration. His mental strength was amazing. I couldn’t imagine anyone would survive 27 years of prison life and still keep your ideals intact.


I never saw any picture where he didn’t smile (of course after liberating his fellow men from torturous racism). His forgiveness was something I always amazed of. How can you not have vengeance on people who made you lose a huge chunk of life inside the bars. I am sure South African whites would have suffered a lot after the liberation if the man was  not Madiba.

The world has really lost the only true inspirational leader living. I grew up reading about him and thinking there are leaders who can make the world a better place. It is sad to think that the future generation may not have anyone to rely on. 😦