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The Wolf of Wall Street

DiCaprio and Scorsese’s ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ was one of my most expected film of the year. When the actor-director pair that gave films like The Departed, The Aviator, etc. come together again, the expectation was obvious. They haven’t disappointed this time as well. But I think they could have been much better.

DiCaprio’s acting was so good as always that it will surely earn him lot of award nominations . My money is worth for this man himself. Scorsese did a great job in making the film – an overtly-sexual black-comedy film – a thoroughly enjoyable flick. I think the movie is of NC-17 category than an R.

The screenplay was very good that you don’t feel bored even though the movie runs for almost 3 hours.  I think the film definitely gonna win some of awards and accolades in writing category even if Leo misses out. (From the trailers and the reviews from film screenings,  I think this award season belongs to Joaquin Phoenix for ‘her’)

Overall the movie is a very good entertainer. Definitely worth watching it for Scorsese and of course Leo.


Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

Unlike LOTR, the hobbit the book was a relatively fast paced and a more interesting story. When I first heard the talks of the movie, I was so interested to see such an entertaining story set in the middle earth. As soon as the news of the hobbit trilogy emerged, I knew the movie would be paced the same way as LOTR. So no complaints on the length and the pace of the movie.

The Desolation of Smaug

But if you are a Tolkien purist you may be disappointed on all the fillers, Peter Jackson put in to make the trilogy possible. But got to give credit to Peter Jackson on the super entertaining river side battle with the Orcs by Legolas and the dwarves’ battle with the Smaug. He could have avoided the unnecessary love triangle involving Legolas, though.

Like the first installment, I am sure there will be complaints on overuse of the CGI. But I think it is really difficult to make such a detailed Tolkien‘s earth without the CGI.

I was one of those who doubted the film maker’s choice of making three films out of ‘The Hobbit’, the masterpiece I enjoyed a lot. But the respect I had on Peter Jackson for making the LOTR trilogy made me interested in the movie. He has done a decent job so far.

The movie is definitely good and I can suggest to anyone. But as a Hobbit, the book, fan I am a bit disappointed. As far as the books are concerned, I enjoyed the Hobbit more than the LOTR, but the same cannot be said for the movie trilogies though.

Batman vs Superman.. And Wonder Woman (Green Arrow too pls..)

One of the movies I am very much looking forward though the shooting itself not started yet. All the news I hear about this movie make my interest toward this movie increase. My only hope is that they will find a good title and not use Batman Vs Superman.

The World’s Finest

Any comic book fan would love to see the two most famous superheroes of the comic world share the screen and I am no different. After one of the greatest superhero trilogies of all time by Christopher Nolan, it is so obvious people will be interested in any movie with the Dark Knight in the lead.

Though I am disappointed that Christian Bale will not be wearing the cape again, I have no complaints against Ben Affleck. In fact, his casting made me feel excited that there should be something good about this film. Ben Affleck just got an academy award and I am sure he wouldn’t have agreed to do any silly movie just after Argo. Also, with his recent interview where he mentioned that he wanted to do this film to forget the bitter experience of the Daredevil movie.

Adding to this, the news is now that Gal Gadot is going to be the big screen face of Wonder Woman. Though I suspect the role will be a little one just to introduce the character to the bigger screen, this definitely confirms the eventual Justice League movie in a couple of years.

One character I really hope to see in this movie is Green Arrow. The Arrow TV series on CW is going very strong and Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen a.k.a. Green Arrow is the perfect choice for the show and possibly on the cinematic universe as well. I was really happy when Zack Snyder told the movie is the inspiration of one of my favorite comic books, The Dark Knight Returns. This news also increases my hopes on seeing Oliver Queen shot some arrows in the big screen just like he did in the comic book.

All these speculations will not end until the movie release on 2015. Until then all we can hope is the second installment of the Man of Steel will be as good as the Dark Knight. As a fan, what else we can expect for. 🙂