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Breaking Bad

When I got my Netflix account sometime back, I was searching through the internet for the best shows available on Netflix. Every list had one show, ‘The Breaking Bad‘.

Even the Arsenal fans I follow on twitter were discussing about the previous episode every Monday. I was really surprised to see not even a single person told that the show was bad. Not even ok. Everybody were suggesting the show as the best ever.

I was so intrigued and started watching as soon as I finished watching the House of Cards (Another very good show, will blog about it later) and I never stopped before all the episodes were over. All my free time at home was spent in watching this show.

Breaking Bad – One of the Best TV shows

What should I say about the Breaking Bad. I don’t remember watching anything so good in recent times. The show was perfect and I have to say the creator Vince Gilligan is a genius.

I liked everything about the show. The actors, the story, the music everything was perfect. I am sure I will never forget the characters Walter White/Heisenberg, Jesse Pinkman, Saul Goodman, Hank Schrader, etc.

The performances by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul were among the best. I felt a genuine joy when the rumors of Bryan Cranston being considered to play Lex Luther in Man of Steel. Though he denied it, I am sure he would do great as the arch-enemy of the superman.

All the other actors also did their part to perfection. No recurring characters had bad acting in the show. The screenplay was perfect that I hardly felt bored at any part of the series.

In the final season, (I think episode 14  or 15) I was so confused on how he is going to end the show. Because all were so messed up and how can someone clean up all the mess and finish it in a single episode (I knew the series was going to end in 16th). But the way it ended, I couldn’t argue there could be a better way to end it (Except for the wonderful alternate ending that was leaked sometime back, of course 🙂 ).

I am eagerly waiting for ‘Better Call Saul‘, a spin off from Breaking Bad by Gilligan himself. Saul was an interesting and one of the most entertaining character in the show.  Bob Odenkirk did a commendable performance. I am sure this series will definitely be an entertaining one.

If you think I am praising the series too much, I am sure you’re one of those who hasn’t seen it yet. See for yourself and I am sure you won’t  be disappointed.